The Burn Out radio show was priorly on FMJ 99.6 with Dj Awar and Paul Selah and with its continued excellence earned itself a new home at 96.6 Spirit FM with Dj A War single-handedly hosting the show.

We conducted its entire rebrand and conducted a massive over ten-day-long social media campaign. We are additionally are the premium brand manager with Mr.Enigmatic.

The Burn Out-New Ad

The Burn Out-New Ad 2

The Burn Out-New Ad 3-prime time

The Burn Out-New Ad 3

TBO Transformation

New Burn Out Poster

The Burn out-SpiritFM -4-Support Artwork 3

The Burn out-SpiritFM -3

The Burn out-SpiritFM -1

The Burn out-SpiritFM -2




Dj A War & Spirit FM Uganda


Dec 2016


Brand Strategy,Digital Strategy, Identity Design , Social Media Activation