G-52 Inspirational is music marketing agency centrally focused on Gospel and Inspirational music. As a full music marketing agency we fuse creative ideas with our experience in music marketing to craft effective customer centric strategies that are in sync with the goals and objectives of the customer.

Our name G-52 Inspirational stands for the Gospel of five loaves two fish that stems from the biblical scriptures of John 6:1-14 & Mark 6:41ff that elucidate God’s magnificent nature his ability to use the smallest of things to achieve a large magnitude of task.

And our capabilities of delivery are adaptive and are focused on maximum impact.
As G-52 Inspirational from our inception in 2013 our mission is on the creation, promotion and packaging of content that promotes Christ and speaks life to the world and our tagline stipulates “Music That Brings Healing” and this imbues our focus.