Amen in 10D is a gospel mix compiled by 10Djs who independently made their mixes with the guidance of the Holy Spirit of which songs to play.Amen is an affirmation statement and the decoded meaning of Amen in 10D is a 10 Dj affirmation to promote the Gospel of Christ to all ends of the earth through music of various genre categories.

So 10D stands for 10 Djs/10th Dimension.In the book of Joshua Chapter 6,the walls of Jericho collapsed by the power of God commanded and directed sound that the Israelites produced through shouting and the blowing of horns,well in this context we are using our God given gift of sound organisation to shake the walls of principalities and evil as God being our guide.

This Mix is built on the theme of Christ Centric Unity based on John 17:21-23 which calls for oneness in Christ and verse 23 explains Christ as being the most perfect form of unity.We are 10Djs with from different countries(Uganda,Kenya & Nigeria),with different mix styles,exposure and we were united with a common goal of elevating Christ and his kingdom .Amen in 10D happens to be the last item off Christ Centric Unity Project that run from 28th Dec 2013 and the whole of 2014 ,well don’t worry there are links below to gain access to the previous items off this project.

The featured Djs on this mix are Dj S-kam Zac (Uganda) , Dj Achiever (Kenya) , Dj Rayne (Uganda) ,Dj A war (Uganda) , Dj Jhoshu (Uganda) , Dj MaryJo (Uganda) , Annie the Dj (Kenya ) ,Dj Ruff (Kenya) , Dj X-One (Nigeria) & Dj Muji (Uganda)



Amen in 10D-2 Amen in 10D -S-KAM ZAC Amen in 10D -Achiever Amen in 10D -Rayne Amen in 10D -AWAR  Amen in 10D -Jhoshu Amen in 10D -Mary jo Amen in 10D -Annie Amen in 10D -RuffAmen in 10D -Muji Amen in 10D -XONE



G-52 Inspirational


Dec 2014


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