Reach4Life – New song & Evangelical Movement

Reach4Life is a decision that this song is encouraging for and for it to be carried out on a daily basis to reach out and spread the gospel of Jesus,a gospel that gives life . This project features six Kenyan gospel artistes like: Annette Tenaya, Rufftone, Saint P, Alice Kamande, Jill Pill, X-po and Produced By Saint P .

This is the good news that these 6 amazing artists are saying to you. The God who created you calls you to Himself, that He may show you why he gave you all those things.

“Your time, your mind, your personality, your ideas, your gifts, your talents your relationships and your resources were all given to you for his Glory. You are God’s best. Do not live the life of a spectator, watching others do great things. Forsake that which is in your past, move forward as you make this decision to become the best you that this world will ever see, Christ in you the Hope of Glory!”